Camaraderie & Joy

Camaraderie & Joy
I've had some hard deadlines for El Tonto Por Cristo these last four days. Part of that involves a few items to secure our fiscal sponsorship with Film Independent so that El Tonto Por Cristo can receive grants from foundations, individual donors, and government agencies; an additional option requested by a few parties interested in supporting the making of this film.

This part of filmmaking hurts my brain. I'm glad it doesn't hurt Jessica's brain as much. 

We make a good team, 21 years!

During the making of This World Won't Break, Jess captured behind the scenes on her phone and put them in a reel. Watching that reel today, I realized the pain of making TWWB, that little 36-thousand-dollar film that could is faint; what I remember the most are the camaraderie and the joy. From what I hear from Jess, filmmaking is a lot like birth, painful, but you forget the pain long enough to do it all over again. 

Thanks for your eyes, ears, and support. I'll check in again on Sunday to keep you updated; everything is starting to roll.

Oh, btw, to watch Jess's reel, click here

PS. If you're interested in a tax-deductible donation towards El Tonto Por Cristo rather than an investment or in addition too, tap here. I'll let you know as soon as our fiscal sponsorship is solidified.

- Josh