Here is some of my recent work.

This World Won't Break

It’s slow and patient in all the right ways, a movie that unfolds and drifts and appreciates space and silences. Its closest spiritual forebear is Bruce Beresford’s masterpiece Tender Mercies, but I was also put in mind of Texas indie icon Eagle Pennell, as there are scenes and encounters that have the same impact as some of the most memorable sequences in The Whole Shootin’ Match, A Hell of a Note, and Last Night at the Alamo- William Boyle - Southwest Review
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Sexy After Dark live performance for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Sexy After Dark

“Anticipation is a lost art. “Sexy After Dark,” which arrives with a surrealist music video directed by Josh David Jordan. Like Josh’s previous videos, it’s full of colorful characters and unexpected situations.” -Rolling Stone Magazine

Ghosts In The Kitchen

GHOSTS IN THE KITCHEN is a Series of Storytelling through Virtual Theater written and told by core company members Carla Parker, Justin Locklear, Kevin Grammer, and Matthew Posey, filmed and directed by Josh David Jordan.

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