It takes a village... but really it takes all of you.
 Today was a frustrating day of writing, preproduction... and life—also, a day when a lot of the puzzles started to fit. You see, making a movie started a long time ago. Connections and bridges you never burned, sttaying late, and helping friends and coworkers when you were off the clock and just having a relationship with someone and keeping in touch, for no other reason than that. 

You can go to film school for sure and learn a lot of things. But relationships are the way you actually make films, or it's how I have.

Writing with friends in mind, location scouting before you write, knowing what your merchandise and plan of action after you wrap are all things that will propel the film that you have in your mind onto the screen.  

Filmmaking is 10% filming and 90% paperwork. And it's lonely. The 2 or 3 weeks that you get to be around all the cast and crew is exciting for sure. But filmmaking is a year-long or more process. Preproduction is where you make your film. That and the editing room. So get yourself boxed wine, some cozy pants, and a chair that doesn't hurt your ass. You are now a filmmaker.

I look forward to watching your film. I'll be in the front row, the guy with the cowboy hat on and comfy pants. 

- Josh


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