How Many Cats You Got

How Many Cats You Got
This past Saturday, I attended an evening with Barry Corbin at the Isis Theater in Fort Worth.  Barry is one of my long-time favorite Texas character actors. You'd know him from Urban Cowboy, Lonesome Dove, Northern Exposure, Dallas, No Country for Old Men, One Tree Hill, and Yellowstone. 

I really enjoyed the evening and took away two key things that I already know but are extra affirming coming from someone with such a career as his. 

1. The arts matter, local theater matters, and local theaters like the Isis really matter. We need to intentionally support the arts as if our lives depend on them because they actually do. 

2. If you want an actor in a project you're working on, ask. Actors want and like to work. 

A pic Jess snapped of me, Barry Corbin, and Jordan Ross-The Chosen, 1883, also Barry's grandson, and one of the main supporting actors in El Tonto Por Cristo

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Thanks again for your eyes, your ears, and your support!

- Josh