Ponies & Rainbows, Not Today
Welp, this weekend was a bust. Or at least at 2:30 PM on a Sunday; it feels that way. I had plans for Friday. Plans to put the finishing touches on some things in the works plans to finish a masterclass I'm soaking up, you know...plans. But instead, on Friday evening, I answered a phone call to help a stranded Jess at the grocery store. The battery had died in her car, and remedying this incident went on into the late hours of the evening. Saturday after vigil, Jess calls me again, stranded on Mockingbird lane. This time, it's clear this isn't gonna be a quick fix, so I left what I was doing, jumped in the car to get her, and guess what... I ran out of gas on the way! Yeah. I think it's been college since I ran out of gas. So... if it ever looks like rainbows and ponies over here at casa de jordan, we have our fair share of crappy days too. 

Once I finally got to Jess, I waited for roadside assistance to tow our car to the mechanic and waited and waited until 1:30 AM until I finally figured I was not getting roadside assisted. 

This morning we got our tow, and the car is safely in the shop. 

My first-world inconvenience is frustrating because car maintenance was not what I had in mind for my weekend or fit my timeline for items I need to check off before Monday. 

And this, my friends, is wild west filmmaking.

Life happens in between the idea and the execution ALWAYS. You don't get to the celebration without the middle, and often it's messy and very human. 

Thankfully I've got John Lennon to serenade me today; I'm watching the wheels with you. 

Moral of the story. 

Keep making your masterpiece; crummy days will come and go and come again. Just keep going. I know it gets lonely out there, so if you'd like to connect or need an ear, I'd love to hear what you're working on. I'm only an email away. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll pop back next week with some updates I think you'll be excited to hear about. Until then!

- Josh


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