C'mon C'mon

What is a Mike Mills film? 

If I were to answer this, it would be behind my tears.

 He is a gentle soul, or so I imagine through his lens, through his words, and his pacing. 

I've watched C'mon C'mon three times now, and I've always cried.

 It's not a sad film. That's why I've been revisiting it. I think I cry because it allows me to, with no questions asked. 

The black and white tones remove forced emotion; it allows feeling to breathe. 

The film is a knowing nod to someone we care deeply about but hold grudges because of our insecurities. 

Sometimes it's OK not to know all the answers. 

As a dad for twenty years, always saying it's all going to be OK to two tiny boys, this film is a friendly hug. Saying it's OK, dad, you don't have to have all the answers, just you being here is enough... C'mon,  C'mon, C'mon...
- Josh