All the  Emotions
Today is one of those days where your mind is in 2,000 places at once. Working on the 'Proof of Concept" teaser for the film, director/production meeting at the Ochre House theater, Joshua Ray Walker "Tonight Show Watch Party". But the hard part is, we are missing our buddy today. Trey Johnson, owner of State Fair Records: home of Joshua Ray Walker, passed away yesterday.  He was the driving force for a lot of DFW artists. But not just any driving force, he was a force of kindness, compassion and genuinely cared about you and your work. It meant the world to him to see you shine. Just days ago we chatted about tonight. It's tough to comprehend that those chats are over. Trey left us putting Joshua on the Tonight Show and gearing up for THIS WORLD WON'T BREAK  soundtrack release, and a gazillion more projects. I can't imagine what he would do in 40 more years.  We turn our focus on his sweet family now. Memory eternal Trey.

- Josh


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